Investor Readiness

The Alacrity Foundation was established in 2009 with a mandate to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada, with a particular focus on Western Canada.

The Alacrity Investor Readiness Program is focused on driving venture capital investment into information and communication technology (ICT), cleantech and life science companies.

Accessing venture capital investment past the seed and early stage is difficult to attain in Canada, and that problem is hurting the growth of our companies nationwide. Over the last five years our program has proven success connecting Western Canadian companies with our network of foreign venture capital investors and support them directly in securing strategic capital.

The Investor Readiness Program (IRP) program will accept high performing companies from the ICT, cleantech and lifesciences   industry sectors that have demonstrated a need for financing in the series A and later rounds. By utilizing a transparent selection process by which companies are objectively scored on multiple criteria such as customer traction, financial performance, stage of growth and market potential, Alacrity will help prepare and showcase top Western Canadian companies to Silicon Valley venture capital investors who are ready to deploy capital.

The most important element to the Investor Readiness Program is finding the right strategic fit between companies and investors. This relationship helps determine the success of the financing, so is key to our process. There are two sides of the equation. First, if the company is matched with the correct strategic investor, the opportunity for gains are wide ranging, from channel partnerships with other portfolio companies to eventual exit prospects. Second, if the investor is consistently presented with properly qualified venture opportunities that are aligned with their investment criteria, the likelihood of that investor engaging in current and future opportunities increases.

The Alacrity team has a solid network of venture capital investors in Silicon Valley who are anticipating the program as a way to expand their geographical reach and use the program to filter and vet opportunities.

Silicon Valley is the heart of the worldwide venture capital investment ecosystem and establishing a permanent local presence in the region for Canadian companies creates major opportunities for economic activity. Specifically the San Francisco Bay Area, where the majority of venture capital firms are located is a direct focus for the investor outreach portion of the program. Accordingly, Alacrity maintains a permanent facility in San Francisco and at least one of the mentor-advisors from the Alacrity team is located in the Valley on a part-time basis.  To further increase exposure Alacrity sponsors events, hosts investor functions, promotes pitch & demo days, and constantly engages to create greater awareness in the Silicon Valley investor community for the program, and the participant companies.