Investor Readiness Companies

ad links retargeting

AdLinks is the easiest to use banner ad targeting service. It allows small and large business to tag their targets using short links shared in email, social media, blog posts or PR. All those that click on these short links will see 15-20 banner ads over time as they browse the web.

The service is based in link retargeting a technology the company patented and it is using to serve a $300 billion untapped market. The company is in discussions with channel partners (social media platforms, email services etc) to give access to this technology to millions of users.

Located: Vancouver, BC

Virtual Reality

Archiact Interactive is a full service virtual reality studio that offers the most seamless experience possible in the VR space. Archiact allows you to create compelling virtual reality content by focusing on services in gaming, publishing, and VR solutions.

  1. Gaming platform offers creative, interactive games
  2. Develops VR solutions for architecture, medicine, fashion, education, automotive, sports and other industries
  3. Publishing services include funding, VR design advice, asset creation assistance, operation and support, culturalization, brand promotion, localized advertising, targeting, distribution channels, user acquisition, analytics tracking, and payment, headset, platform, and control integration.

Located: Vancouver, BC

composite insulators

ASAsoft Canada Inc., a Canadian company, is developing cutting-edge solutions for electricity transmission and distribution (T&D). ASA develops and manufactures products that seamlessly complement the existing electric infrastructure for utility, railways, and metropolitan transportation companies. ASA’s non-ceramic composite insulators are lightweight, with the lowest possible carbon footprint compared with traditional ceramic & glass insulators and provide substantial savings in transportation, storage, installation, and operating costs.

Marketed under the trade name Ligh+weight Insulators, our product is a positive addition to any present and future clean renewable energy solutions. ASA’s insulators do not come with a steep increase in cost, but rather compete with traditional technologies. Our high voltage Ligh+weight Insulators are manufactured to ISO9001 standards and tested in independent international laboratories in accordance with industry protocols such as CEA, CSA, ANSI and IEC.

The Ligh+weight Insulators provide resistance to vibration and shock, sustained hydrophobicity, and immunity to vandalism. They can also be used for electricity distribution to a substation or a home, or by a railway or metropolitan transportation company powering a train or a bus. In addition, the insulator material has a self-cleaning property based on molecular migration, making it maintenance-free and less susceptible to outage.

Located: Victoria, BC

Cloud Computing

Atlas Cloud Enterprise is primarily in the Colocation business for IT and Telecom equipment. This involves providing power, cooling and bandwidth to small and medium businesses in Western Canada. Atlas Cloud enhances this product selection by offering cloud infrastructure as a service in either virtual or dedicated environments.

Atlas Cloud intends to be the leader in Hybrid Colocation in Western Canada. To meet this objective, Atlas Cloud has a clearly defined expansion plan focusing on safe, secure, flexible data hosting to achieve measured sales targets.

They will focusing on the market segment in terms of IT usage, specifically for industries that need hosted equipment reliant on high power and backup availability, or large bandwidth requirements that need redundancy. Users that also require short term computing power to suit their business cycle will be targeted, such as video rendering and the seasonality off-loads of e-commerce.

Located: Victoria, BC

Ed Tech Higher Education

ChatterHigh Communication gamifies exploration of postsecondary and career options, workplace safety, health & financial literacy resources. It is a free, privacy compliant, daily activity that can be used by high schools and middle school students (gr 6-12), their parents and teachers. Career Educators can receive lesson plans that integrate into their course with seamless reporting tools.

The Platform:

  • Teachers receive a curriculum aligned resource with simple web based features like the classroom dashboard to track, monitor, and assess student participation and progress.
  • Students receive a fun, mobile, daily, 10 minute, 10 question, edu-game in the form of a quiz that allows them to research and explore thousands of higher education and career options.
  • Partners use quiz questions that lead to their current web and social media assets to engage students with unique information and offerings in their institution or organization.

Located: Victoria, BC

wearable technology software

CommandWear, operating in the business-to-business vertical, creates a wearable technology software solution that empowers the global public safety and security sector by delivering real-time situational awareness tools. Integrating the awareness platform gives the user the ability to prepare and plan for incidents or events, communicate and track personnel and assets in the field, share picture and video from the frontlines, and review and analyze each tactical operation. CommandWear’s software runs on customers’ existing PCs, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches with an API to integrate CommandWear data with dispatch and fleet management systems.

CommandWear is a cloud-based solution that utilizes three interactive features. First, the HUB tabulates messages and personnel’s movements for future review and analysis. Secondly, the Commander utilizes a HTML5 web application providing a situational map based view of all personnel; updated in real time including secure and assured messaging abilities for overall coordination and deployment of personnel. Finally, the Communicator application runs on smart devices and wearable technology and can send or receive instant messages and pictures/video. Messages are clearly displayed on the devices and a configurable alerting system and acknowledgement prompt is available with an end goal of increasing the quality and effectiveness of communication and awareness among the entire team.

Located: Vancouver, BC

artificial intelligence

Etoron Technologies is a mobile big data company that aims to develop the most advanced artificial intelligence to intelligently collect and analyze data to empower both consumers and businesses. This platform will enable advertisers and publishers make better profitable business decisions.

Etoron developed two platforms that collect and analyzes real-time data to keep knowledge of consumers perpetually relevant for critical decision making by both advertiser and publisher.

  1. Moinstall offers a virtual advertising network that directly connects advertisers and publishers through an intelligent and evolutionary digital ad platform fuelled by marketing insights. This platform generates consumer insights for better conversions.
  2. VRAD is a big data driven digital advertising platform for virtual reality and augmented reality. Offers a monetization tool for the VR/AR platforms by tracking native and trackable ads.

Located: Port Coquitlam, BC

Mobile Referral and Rewards

eTrove enables companies to nurture relationships with customers by encouraging engagement, loyalty and referrals through mobile devices. Their advanced tool is an open, integrated software platform that manages and tracks user participation in customized marketing programs.

With a reward platform, companies can tailor their needs for real, measurable improvements to referrals, retention and revenue while providing detailed reports to analyze campaign ROI.

In the first quarter of using eTrove, companies can experience:

  • Retention – 90% of end users kept the app
  • Profit – Increase your bottom line with referrals
  • ROI – Instant return on investment

eTrove has successfully onboarded numerous medical practices in Canada and the US, and plans to collaborate with channel partners and larger group practices to use their solution.

Located: Port Moody, BC

LTE core network

Expeto offers the entire LTE core network through a Platform as a Service model. Enterprises and IoT solution providers can now have complete control of even the LTE data packets. This means Enterprises can create private LTE networks (subnet) which reside behind corporate firewalls and utilize corporate policies. IoT solution providers gain fine-grained control of data packets from start to finish.

At the core of Expeto’s offering is the Evolved Packet core Integrated Cloud (EPIC) solution. EPIC is a compilation of evolved packet core (EPC) services, combined with virtualized network functions and an advanced automation and orchestration engine. The complete solution can be deployed in an on-premise, hybrid or cloud environment. The architecture allows for commodity cost and scale implementations and service resilience and reliability.

Located: Victoria, BC

Authentication Solution

FusionPipe provides convenient and secure smartphone and wearable software authentication solutions to improve productivity and enhance data and network security for field service workers and first responders, healthcare professionals and enterprise staff. The solution addresses the authentication and data security concerns surrounding major issues of using outdated authentication methods including: one-time passwords (OTP), complex username/passwords, smart cards and readers, USBs, and dongles. User authentication is more secure in a “frictionless”, more convenient environment using secure wireless connections based on user proximity and using devices that you always have with you.

With patented technologies including the QuikSafe™ Advanced Authentication Platform, QuikID™ and QuikID™ Smart for iOS and Android devices and wearables, FusionPipe offers convenient, secure authentication and locking of PCs, Tablets, Thin Clients and networks that eliminate the need for generic log-ins, reader or hardware based multi-factor authentication solutions. This allows for fast and easy enterprise deployment using existing enterprise authentication infrastructures and software deployment.

Located: Vancouver, BC

Interactive Holographic Display

H+ Technology’s mission is to create human-adaptive systems that are natural to use. H+ Technologies believes in collaborative, non-isolating computing environments that allow users to be engaged with flat, 2D information in a 3D form. They’ve created an immersive holographic experience that utilize gestures, voice and other forms of interaction. The purpose of designing these systems is to feel no barrier between human and digital information and be immersed in the digital world we are creating.

The Holus is a tabletop holographic platform that converts any 2D content from a computer, tablet or smartphone into a 3D hologram. Whether it is a board game, DNA structure or the solar system, your content comes alive.

Holus’ enhanced interaction promotes memory retention and also health by encouraging users to move around and can also predict a user’s position through motion tracking. Unlike many entertainment and wearable systems that tend to isolate people, Holus aims to create a social experience that brings people together without having them miss out on real life moments.

Located: Vancouver, BC

Machine Learning

LimeSpot Solutions Inc. is a B2B technology provider that uses linguistic analysis and machine learning to understand consumer content and target individuals intelligently by providing product choices that are highly relevant and personalized to that consumer. LimeSpot combines information about the consumer’s demographics and interests (from social networks, customer profiles or elsewhere) with analysis of browsing, purchasing behaviour, and history to instantly make highly relevant content recommendations that are most likely to appeal to the consumer. This way, any web page can dynamically show appropriate and interesting content to each individual visitor.

LimeSpot technology is applicable to any size business, is content independent, and can be easily fine-tuned to work seamlessly within any industry. It can be used to serve multiple channels at the same time, whether the consumer experience is online or offline, to help ensure that consumers are shown the most appropriate content. Clients have the ability to make their customers feel like they have their own personal assistant curating content specifically for them.

Located: Victoria, BC

Education Technology

LlamaZOO Interactive has set its sights on revolutionizing education by developing an e-learning platform that delivers interactive 3D content, married with gamification, and learning techniques based on cognitive neuroscience.

With an initial target market of post-secondary veterinary institutions, LlamaZOO’s first product “EasyAnatomy” is an interactive application that provides full anatomical 3D visualization of the most commonly studied animals. The application features fully interactive canine anatomy in 3D, which can be manipulated and taken apart, layer by layer, organ by organ, on smartphones, tablets and desktops. EasyAnatomy is being created in collaboration with leading veterinary professors and through the use of CT and MRI scans to ensure medical accuracy.

In developing EasyAnatomy, LlamaZOO is creating not just a tool for veterinary education, but a platform for distributing interactive 3D content, capable of addressing a wide range of education verticals, and expansion into augmented and virtual reality content delivery.

Located: Victoria, BC

omni channel engagement

omNovos – Omni-channel customer engagement solutions

The primary focus for a retailer is to continually find more efficient methods of increasing revenue while continuing to enhance customer satisfaction. To attain this, retailers now need to adopt the omni-channel business model and to leverage technology in new ways to better serve customers via unified channel experiences.

omNovos believes that to transform a traditional environment to an omni-channel environment, retailers require an evolved ecosystem that supports the customer, clients and technology behind the omni-channel engagement. To enable this, a retailer must follow three steps: Mobile Apps for Customers and In-store Staff, Omni-Channel Intelligent Automation, and Data Connectivity.

To help retailers achieve a true omni-channel environment, omNovos has created three comprehensive solutions:

  1. payNovos Mobile Applications for Customers and In-Store Staff – Enables both in-store and online shopping simultaneously: customers can scan and pay for goods as they shop in a bricks and mortar store while retailers interact with them throughout the process.
  2. veloNovos Omni-Channel Intelligent Automation Solution – veloNovos is a new way of connecting customers in a bi-modal fashion. In-store and online become one as they both create a complementary and supportive system that drives online shoppers to the store, and conversely drives in-store shoppers online.
  3. dataNovos Data Connectivity – Retailers can fully connect their new world of retail engagement and make omni-channel sales and marketing initiatives a reality.

omNovos has the in-depth experience and knowledge to create fully integrated Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solutions.

Located: Ottawa, ON

consultation software platform

PlaceSpeak is a location and web-based consultation platform for civic engagement; solving the problem of how to engage with people online within a specific geographic area. PlaceSpeak strives to build legitimacy in online democratic practices by authenticating digital identity to place, protecting individual privacy, and closing the feedback loop between public consultation and accountability

PlaceSpeak’s customer base already spans multiple industries including Local and Regional Government (Cities, Towns, School Boards etc), Regulated agencies (Transportation and Port Authorities), the Private Sector (Property Developers and Urban Planners) as well as NGOs and NPOs.

Located: Vancouver, BC

Rent Payment Software Solution

RentMoola Payment Solutions allows you to make your rent payments anywhere, anytime.  The system simplifies rent payments through the easy-to-use dashboard where people can seamlessly schedule payments each month, as well as make one-time payments as needed.

For Landlords, RentMoola solutions makes rent and condo fee collecting easier, while offering tenants a more rewarding experience by giving them access to exclusive deals. The seamless nature of the system helps landlords eliminate collection issues, and offers a wider variety of payment methods, helping eliminate the hassle of tenant defaults.

RentMoola is a leading fintech company that is changing the landscape of paying rent all over the world. Solving the age-old problem that paying and collecting rent is a major hassle, RentMoola offers an online global payment network that allows tenants and owners to pay rent with ease.

Located: Vancouver, BC

experiential learning platform

Riipen Networks Inc. is the only big data company that provides continuous employer branding and an improved recruitment process for emerging talent through its skill building assessment platform, Riipen. Replacing the inefficient, outdated resume with short-term, skill-specific projects as the starting point for how companies and students engage with each other.

For companies, Riipen facilitates a new, convenient, continuous, and single way to build their brand on all campuses at once – targeting the next generation of employees, consumers and decision makers, early on in their post-secondary education thereby creating brand ambassadors. As students do industry-based projects in and outside of the classroom, companies are able to compile a curated list of students and recent grads with the right skills to succeed at their company.

For schools, Riipen makes their students more employable upon graduation by facilitating industry projects that help build skills, many of which are not taught in school. Schools pay for private branded portals where projects, initiated by professors, alumni, or co-op and career services staff, are only available to their students.

Locatet: Vancouver, BC

Clean Technology

Ronin8 Technologies focuses on leaving “a better world for future generations” by reinventing the way electronics are managed and processed. They have deployed a closed-loop process for manufacturing key materials used in the production of the electronics we use every day. 20 to 50 million tonnes of electronic waste is created every year. 80% of “recycled” e-waste goes to developing countries where impoverished people burn the plastics to extract metals – releasing toxic chemicals.

Ronin8 recovers and re-uses 100% of the materials contained in electronics by exercising their proprietary closed-loop technologies. They are combining technologies such as electromagnets, water, and sonic vibration to separate these various metals

Sonic vibrations separate metal components from non-metal ones, sending non-metal materials to be recycled and remade into environmentally friendly products. The process results in 100% pure metals, including gold, silver, and platinum, being extracted and put back into existing supply channels to reuse in new products. All of the water and solvents needed to process these materials are used again for the next batch, ensuring that no excess waste is produced and there is no negative impact on the environment.

Located: Richmond, BC

online digital marketing

RTOWN offers integrated digital marketing solutions to help local businesses acquire new and retain loyal customers. RTOWN’s integrated marketing solutions include: rewarding valued customers of local businesses via the RTOWN Loyalty App, engaging more customers via social media channels, achieving and maintaining positive customer reviews via RTOWN’s reputation management solution, showcasing a business with mobile responsive and interactive websites and creating web videos to captivate different audiences.

RTOWN is extremely passionate and focused on integrating new technology and proven marketing insights that allow businesses to expand their reach via a mix of measurable marketing tools so the business operators are then allowed to focus on what they’re good at – running their businesses.

Located: Vancouver, BC

Online Sport Streaming Service

SendtoNews offers a collaborative business model that addresses core market issues for key stakeholder groups – content partners, publisher network partners and advertisers – while respecting their extensive brand value and unique market position and objectives.

Operating the industry’s only Premium Advertising Network, SendtoNews packages and connects new and exclusive inventories of sports video content with large-scale, creative advertising opportunities for major sponsors.

Based in Victoria, B.C., SendtoNews (STN) is the trusted source of broadcast-quality and digital sport highlights for professional sport leagues globally.  Today, STN serves a combined 100+ million broadcast and digital viewing impressions to newsrooms across North America and globally with access to exclusive video content from the leading sports events via their News Partnership Network.™

Located: Victoria, BC

Mobile Community App

Connecting Interesting People Everywhere.

The TicTalking app brings people together based on multiple shared interests. TicTalking helps you connect with people and communities from around the world that share your interests no matter where they live or what languages they speak.

See the World Through Your Interests

The TicTalking app has a unique interface that’s built on a game engine to make searching for the people and conversations that matter to you fun and intuitive.

Located: Victoria, BC

Online Change Detection

Visualping is a “rocketship” currently used by more than 300,000 people with 20,000 new users signing up or downloading the app every month. The company has plans to grow to 1 million users this year and working on replacing the RSS feed button on every website!

Visualping is incredibly simple: Users select an area of a website of their choosing and they get alerted when it changes. Knowing when something important happens online is a widespread and universal need that the company addresses.

It is used by job hunters to watch the career page of their favorite company, by Taylor Swift fans to track her page waiting for performance dates, by lawnmower aficionados waiting for the fall promotion at Home Depot, by businesses keeping an eye on their competitors etc.

Corporate customers, where most of the revenues come from, include Google, Facebook, Apple, the US Department of Justice, the New York Times, Greenpeace, Sequoia Capital, small and big companies and many Fortune 500 companies.

Located: Vancouver, BC

omnichannel business intelligence

Yactraq’s passion for innovation and pushing the limits of technology is tempered by a practical sense of how technology can be applied to build better businesses and drive their success.

At the heart of Yactraq is a fascination with artificial intelligence, and how AI can be utilized to evolve businesses to greater levels of success while helping them provide better products to their customers. With cutting edge audio mining & speech analytics, Yactraq empowers SMB & Enterprise clients with machine learning driven insights extracted from any audible media. Yactraq delivers omnichannel business intelligence with a next generation platform through large scale customized vocabularies at 40x cost and speed efficiencies over legacy solutions.

Located: Vancouver, BC

Big Data Machine Learning

Youneeq’s patent pending predictive analytics content recommendation technology allows clients to significantly improve audience engagement in real time. Youneeq matches and serves relevant content to individual users, across all platforms, devices and from all traffic sources. With Youneeq, customers can see up to a 5x increase in page views per session and dwell times from search and social media referrals as a result of recommended content. In addition to standard recommendation services, we offer automated, behaviorally targeted full site content curation and data driven publishing option that can reduce newsroom resources devoted to web operations and create content based on data driven decision making tools.

Targeting readers using predictive, behavioural data identifies human users, increases ROI on content and results in higher fill rates, improved eCPM and provides sales and editorial audience intelligence to our customers.

Located: Victoria, BC


GPS driving device

Using machine-to-machine cellular data exchange, Mojio’s software application sends and receives data to and from cars in real time. Mojio utilizes a 3G+GPS device that connects drivers to their cars at all times; delivering quality insights about the overall health of the car. This data is translated and fed into a mobile application empowering today’s drivers. Whether it’s basic maintenance, diagnosing car troubles, or taking action if the car is recalled – Mojio helps customers make the right, informed decision on a day-to-day basis.

The Mojio device offers multiple applications to enhance the user’s experience. The Gauge application keeps track of all inner workings of the car, essentially acting as a “mechanic in a pocket”. The Cloak application knows if the car is safe by monitoring and using GPS to locate the car. The Trek application plans, maps, develops trip reports and researches previous, current and future routes. Either searching for parking near a destination, looking for a gas station, real-time traffic patterns, sharing location or analyzing fuel costs – Mojio has it covered.

Located: Vancouver, BC

smart eyewear technology

Recon Instruments is an industry leader in the smart eyewear and smart goggle technology for athletes and sport enthusiasts. Recon’s award-winning multi-patent and patent-pending technology integrates a high-contrast display with an advanced computing platform. Delivering instant data access, built-in GPS, motion tracking software, photo and video option, and connectivity to smartphones; enables the consumer to tailor and adapt new workouts by reviewing previously collected data from past training sessions to increase performance levels.

The ability to push performance levels when given instant access to critical and measurable metrics for review after any activity such as cycling and running; where people can see their performance metrics for speed/pace, distance, duration, ascent/descent, heart rate, cadence, and power, will result in enhanced workouts and higher performance levels for the individual.

Recon’s products were designed unobtrusively so the display is only a glance away and out of the wearer’s line of sight, only coming alive when needed. The consumer has the ability to control what appears on the display through key buttons and touch pads to ensure seamless function of the eyewear.

Located: Vancouver, BC