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location based mapping

Echosec redefines searching the Internet by combining social media posts with geographic data.  

The Echosec solution provides public safety, security, journalism and intelligence professionals with real-time knowledge gathered from publicly available social media posts. Echosec does so by delivering a unique way of displaying real-time, user driven information about natural disasters, wars, and other global events. This makes it an invaluable resource for anyone simply looking to get more from the web than what conventional search engines can provide.  Echosec will change the way you see your world.

The Echosec tool makes it simple to see what is going on, on the ground, in real time. A user draws a box or ‘geo-fence’ around an area of interest on the map within the Echosec application. Then, all of the publicly available and geo-tagged social media posts within that geo-fence are live streamed onto the map. You can see an example here: https://youtu.be/87hrrJdWdmo

Echosec was incorporated in summer of 2013 in Victoria, BC. The founding team was comprised of Karl Swannie, Mike Anderson, Nick Turner, and Jason Jubinville. Echosec has been able to leverage key aspects of the Alacrity Foundation to accelerate Echosec’s growth into a global provider of location-based social media monitoring software.


Located: Victoria, BC

telecommunication data collection

Encepta develops licensable data collection software designed for telecommunications, utility, and municipality infrastructure. The various tools allow users to keep highly accurate digitalized data records regarding the state of their physical network, including power and communication poles, towers, cables, manholes, and other external assets.

The software tools developed by Encepta, along with their contracting services, provide the solutions needed to collect, visualize and manipulate, and manage external plant assets and data. Customers using Encepta’s tools and services are able to make critical engineering decisions with confidence, increasing their efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness.

Encepta’s founders, Devan Bouchard and Hadi Firouzi, joined the e@UBC entrepreneurship program offered by the Alacrity Foundation, in partnership with the University of British Columbia. With access to mentors, advisors, and funding through the program, the two UBC engineering graduates established the company in 2012 in Vancouver, BC and were able to achieve over $1M in revenue within the first 10 months of operation. They have continued to grow at an exceptional rate since, working together with clients such as one of Canada’s biggest telecommunications companies, Telus Communications.


Located: Vancouver, BC


HYAS is a cybersecurity firm developing next generation firewall, intrusion detection and prevention technology solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Delivering a series of enterprise grade IT security software solutions, HYAS has created a predictive platform, “Saturna”, that identifies threats before attacks are launched – providing real time protection. With a multitude of features, Saturna monitors networks for attacks, creates indicators of compromise and analyzes anomalous traffic – rapidly detecting and quarantining compromised computers to prevent any data theft or further infection.

Offering a detailed biweekly instant reporting tool, covering all observed attacks against networks and anomalous traffic analyzed by security operations, Saturna delivers insight reporting on networks in real time through a local dashboard. Furthermore HYAS  developed another platform, Comox, that specializes in providing detailed information about domains, IP addresses, and malware callback information. Comox provides users with a web based interface to query this unique data, gain access to data feeds, and set up whois alerting.


Located: Victoria, BC

Mine Equipment Maintenace

MincaCore Engineering creates a smart maintenance and condition monitoring systems to automatically monitor, manage, and upgrade industrial equipment to provide better analytics and accurate results in real time within the mining industry. The advanced monitoring system provides reliable, accurate and real-time information through a secure network expanding the possibilities to monitor harsh and inaccessible environments. Specializing in high-performance and remote monitoring, and using the latest advance technology in cloud processing, industrial internet and M2M networks; MinaCore gives clients tangible KPI information on various equipment.

The product specific technology increases efficiency and safety for personnel while reducing overhead costs to clients giving them the capability to concentrate on their operations. Since MinaCore provides the latest advancements in M2M and cloud computing technology; mining companies have the ability to exercise the safest and leading-edge practices within the industry. The possible equipment being reported on are: rope shovels, pressure vessels, conveyor belts, pumps, motors and rotating equipment by an embedded Power-over-Ethernet tool with real-time monitor reporting; pipelines through monitoring wear rate, projected life and critical thickness levels of process pipes; and crusher monitoring helps inspection groups to improve and standardize their equipment monitoring procedures while providing advanced analytic and visual reporting.


Located: Vancouver, BC

advertising technology software

Pretio Interactive is an advertising technology software company. By delivering reward-based ads across desktop and mobile platforms, Pretio is able to connect brands with consumers in their most receptive state.

Pretio’s clients have access to a vast and targetable audience through a diverse network of online platforms. Rewards can be created and presented at critical moments of consumer engagement within a game or other application, significantly increasing conversion rates and positive brand awareness for advertisers.

Originally known as RewardsDen, the company was founded in Victoria, BC in 2012 by Tyrone Sinclair. Jim Hayhurst and Rob O’Dwyer joined the team in 2013 and, together, the three have made Pretio Interactive into an innovative leader in the world of online advertising. With the help of Alacrity’s experienced mentors, Pretio has been able to identify key target customers. The Alacrity Foundation was also instrumental in Pretio’s acquisition of Tap for Tap, a mobile advertising network that has expedited the company’s global mobile reach.


Located: Victoria, BC

Technology solution yield better crops

QuantoTech Solutions is an engineering company dedicated to the horticulture industry. They provide a technology solution to growers to grow better crops. Their success as a specialized lighting supplier led them to understand the different needs of a new generation of growers who operate enclosed growing systems in urban environments or who respond to intense demand for fresh, local produce.

Growing crops is challenge! Light is important! Many factors affect crop quality or yield. Experiencing these factors can result in a poor harvest. QuantoTech combines cloud-based algorithms, monitoring and control to take the guesswork out of commercial growing.


Located: Vancouver, BC

SaaS referral system

Referral SaaSquatch provides clients with a fully automated referral management system. Users are able to easily create a customized referral program for their customers using the comprehensive SaaSquatch platform, complete with payment system integrations.

Designed for software as a service (SaaS) companies, digital publishers, and online marketplaces and subscription-based services, users can customize every aspect of the referral experience. The ability to track and manage all signups made through the program provides valuable insights, helping clients increase their reach and brand awareness while also encouraging customer loyalty.

Will Fraser, Logan Volkers, and Torben Werner founded Referral SaaSquatch in 2013 in Victoria, BC. Recruited by the Alacrity Foundation from the engineering program at the University of Victoria, the founding members developed the referral-reward marketing platform as a service. Utilizing key Alacrity resources, the company is now growing on a global scale.


Located: Victoria, BC

network monitoring software

Tutela Technologies provides telecommunications companies with wifi and mobile network monitoring and analysis tools. The tools offer wireless service providers an in-depth analysis of their networks, complete with customer experience, network experience, and video experience reports, without requiring any additional infrastructure.

Data is collected through a crowdsourced network performance model using technology that embeds into mobile applications to track when and how network conditions affect the in-app experience. This unbiased information from the customer’s perspective gives Tutela’s users a profound understanding of their customer experience. With these comprehensive insights into network performance and quality, Tutela’s clients are able to make better infrastructure investments while increasing customer acquisition, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Tutela’s founders, Hunter Macdonald, Anthony Kroeker, David Yarish, and Brennen Chow graduated from the University of Victoria’s engineering program. With the guidance from The Alacrity Foundation Mentorship team, the founders launched Tutela Technologies. The company, based in Victoria, BC, was established in 2011 and has continued to develop and grow with the help of Alacrity’s knowledgeable advisors.


Located: Victoria, BC