Entrepreneurship at Alacrity

The Entrepreneurship@ Alacrity Foundation works with technology entrepreneurs to create the next generation of technology companies.

With the mandate of turning engineering and business students and recent graduates into entrepreneurs, the Foundation provides grants to the right individuals and teams to assist in the development of new technological solutions. Participants accepted into the Entrepreneurship@Alacrity Program will be put through the Alacrity Foundation entrepreneurship training bootcamp. During that time, participants will spend 9-12 months working on technology commercialization projects for which real world demand has been identified.

Project selection is an interactive process and will involve collaboration between Foundation Executives and Advisors, Industry Partners and participants. Parties will work together to define and set the blueprint to develop the technology based solutions for which there is clear and present demand for solutions from industry.

Once selected, teams proceed with their bootcamp training under the guidance of Alacrity Foundation and industry partner executives. Industry partners provide project teams with operational support, a vast network of contacts, access to customers and strategic relationships with larger established companies. Entrepreneurship@Alacrity participants gain perspective and insights based on actual global business experience while earning the opportunity to turn their project into an exciting new technology company.

The subject matter of the projects will be focused primarily on software targeting information and communication technologies including broadband, enterprise, and mobile applications – areas for which the Foundation’s industry partner, Wesley Clover has a broad network of companies and affiliates that offer the strongest insights and value.