History of Alacrity

Definition of Alacrity: a quick and cheerful readiness to do something

Established in 2009 by Owen Matthews in Victoria, BC, Canada. The Alacrity Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that work with educational institutions, governmental departments, and industry partners to fulfill its mandate of promoting and facilitating entrepreneurship.

The UK branch of Alacrity was founded in September of 2012 and a similar program under Alacrity has been developed in Turkey, France, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Alacrity’s initial goal was to work together with educational institutions, government, and leading industry partners via the Entrepreneurship @ Alacrity program to provide young graduates with the opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs, without needing to leave the region. Since its inception, the organization has founded five companies based in Western Canada. Tutela Technologies, founded in 2011, Pretio Interactive and Encepta, founded in 2012, Referral SaaSquatch, founded in 2013, and Echosec, founded in 2014, all were started through the Entrepreneurship@Alacrity program. With the exception of Encepta which operates in Vancouver, all of the other companies are based in Victoria, BC.

In 2014, the Investor Readiness Program was created to broaden the scope of Alacrity’s endeavours. The program filters through and prepares established tech companies in information and communication technology (ICT), cleantech, and life science domains for investment. Through a strong network of investment colleagues and peers, Alacrity is able to showcase these selected companies to potential investors, both domestic and international.

Alacrity’s group of successful founders, advisors, and mentors has over 100 years of involvement in successful technology ventures. Unique in its approach, Alacrity uses the knowledge and experience of its advisors to identify market needs. By working towards founding or finding companies that fill those needs, investment opportunities for the entrepreneur and the investor have a much higher success rate. Using this approach, Alacrity aims to develop a process that is repeatable in more and more areas, encouraging a regionalized investment strategy that has significant economic and social impact.

The foundation continues to build on its successes to grow and fund further success.

The following represents a timeline of The Alacrity Foundation’s activity within Western Canada.  If you would like a more detailed view, please open this Infographic link

global accelerator report 2015 Western Canada