The Alacrity Mission

The Alacrity Foundation is a non-profit organization in British Columbia with two primary functions. Our Investor Readiness Program seeks to find venture capital funding to support the growth and success of sponsored Western Canadian tech companies.  Our Entrepreneurship@Alacrity program provides an intense training  environment to prepare graduates for entrepreneurship in the technology sector.  We develop and mentor the  best engineering and business graduates in British Columbia to build deep rooted local companies with a high likelihood of success.

What is the Alacrity Foundation?

The Alacrity Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2009. Based in British Columbia, with a sister organization in the UK and similar programs developed in Turkey, France, Mexico, and Indonesia, Alacrity focuses on promoting technology entrepreneurship and facilitating regionalized investment opportunities.

The word “alacrity” means brisk and cheerful readiness. Propelled by this definition, our foundation works together with strategic partners to connect entrepreneurs and startups in Western Canada with interested investors.

Alacrity’s Impact

Since being established, the foundation has had a significant economic impact in the region. Our mandate is to help attract investment to participant companies. Since inception, Alacrity Foundation companies in Victoria and Vancouver employ in excess of 100 people and have had a direct economic impact well in excess of $100 million locally.

The Vision Behind Alacrity

The Alacrity Foundation was created to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical for students with entrepreneurial interests. By encouraging entrepreneurship at an early stage and continuing to foster it in university students, the Alacrity Foundation aimed to develop companies and business leaders that had great potential to succeed.

Working together with educational institutions and government departments, we’ve been able to provide talented students with the opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs. Our focus has broadened to support entrepreneurs and companies beyond the early stages. We now also work to connect promising entrepreneurs and companies with investors to help them access the resources they need to develop and grow further.

Alacrity is designed to offer graduates, entrepreneurs, and investors a rare set of opportunities. By combining decades of experience in both entrepreneurship and investment, Alacrity hopes to create an evergreen local tech ecosystem and a knowledge economy that thrives.

Achieving Our Goals

Alacrity has been a driving force in strengthening and growing the tech ecosystem in Victoria and Vancouver, BC. Initially focused on innovative companies that filled gaps in the market, the foundation has broadened its scope to help more entrepreneurs in a greater sense. The foundation currently also works with top companies that are ready for investment.

Through two distinct, but interconnected programs, entrepreneurs are able to access the experience, support, and knowledge they need to succeed while investors are able to find ideal investment opportunities.


The Entrepreneurship@Alacrity program places promising recent business and engineering graduates in an intense 9-12 month training bootcamp which is geared towards helping them become successful entrepreneurs in the technology sector. Participants are able to access significant resources, including office space, shared accounting and administrative services, and more during this time, preparing them for establishing a tech company.

Entrepreneurship@Alacrity alumni include Referral SaaSquatch, Tutela Technologies, Pretio Interactive, Encepta, HYAS, and Echosec.

Alacrity’s Investor Readiness Program

The Alacrity Investor Readiness Program selects already established tech companies that are ready for investment and connects them with an extensive network of domestic and foreign venture capital investors.

The Future of Alacrity

Unique in its approach, Alacrity uses the knowledge and experience of its advisors to identify market needs. By working towards founding or finding companies that fill those needs, investment opportunities for the entrepreneur and the investor have a much higher success rate. Using this approach, Alacrity aims to develop a process that is repeatable in more and more regions, encouraging a regionalized investment strategy that has significant economic and social impact.

The foundation will continue to build on its successes to grow and fund further success.  Leveraging Alacrity’s advisors and mentors, we have over 100 years of involvement in successful technology ventures.  Drawing from this wealth of experience, we help young people to access customers, take measured risks and become effective entrepreneurs. We use our network of established business relationships as strategic partners to find viable opportunities.  By  working with our industry contacts, we find investors suitable for our sponsored companies and we find projects that are suitable for young,  bright, hard-working teams to tackle. Our programs are supported through our strategic partners.