Weekly Venture Capital Funding and Investment activity report for the week ending October 21, 2016.

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Global Venture Dollars Invested by Location

Venture Deals by Location

Global Venture Deals by Location

Venture Dollar Invested by Location

Total Weekly Invested Dollars

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Venture Deals by Sector

This Weeks’ (Oct 14 – Oct 21 )

Year to Date (Mar 17 – Oct 21)

Ventures Deals by Sector industry Weekly Venture Capital & Investment Funding

Company Name  Amount Raised  Financing Round Location
Canadian Solar $1,882,000,000 IPO Ontario
Koubei.com $1,000,000,000 Unclassified Round Hangzhou
JDA Software $575,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding Scottsdale
Sime Darby $571,000,000 IPO Kuala Lumpur
ETCP $303,000,000 Series B Beijing
Wealthnavi $303,000,000 Series B Tokyo
Renew Financial $200,000,000 Debt Round Oakland
TVS Logistics Services $155,000,000 Unclassified Round Tamil Nadu
Affirm $100,000,000 Debt Round San Francisco
Matahari Mall $100,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding Jakarta
InnoGames $90,000,000 Unclassified Round Hamburg
Sonnen $85,000,000 Series D Wildpoldsried Bayern
Iora Health $75,000,000 Series D Cambridge
RLJ Entertainment $65,000,000 Debt Round Bethesda
Oblong Industries $65,000,000 Series D Los Angeles
SUNCNIM $60,000,000 Unclassified Round Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur
Hyperloop One $50,000,000 Debt Round Los Angeles
True North Therapeutics $45,000,000 Series D  San Francisco
Doumi $40,000,000 Series B Kagoshima
FirstCry.com $34,000,000 Unclassified Round Pune
Science 37 $31,000,000 Series B Los Angeles
Histogenics $30,000,000 IPO Waltham
Xchange Leasing $30,000,000 Unclassified Round San Francisco
Veritas Genetics $30,000,000 Series B Danvers
ThreatMetrix $30,000,000 Debt Round San Jose
360insights $30,000,000 Unclassified Round Whitby
Eywa Pharma $30,000,000 Unclassified Round Tamil Nadu
Leanplum $29,000,000 Series C San Francisco
University of Michigan $27,000,000 Unclassified Round Ann Arbor
SecureKey Technologies $27,000,000 Unclassified Round Toronto
Heal $26,900,000 Series A Santa Monica
Gymbox $26,000,000 Series C London
Dailyhunt $25,000,000 Series D Bangalore
Baobab Studios $25,000,000 Series B Redwood City
SafetyCulture $23,000,000 Series B Queensland
Snapsheet $20,000,000 Series C Chicago Illinois
ContentSquare $20,000,000 Series B Paris
Twyla Inc $19,000,000 Unclassified Round Austin Texas
Mio Global $19,000,000 Series B Vancouver
PragmatIC Printing $18,000,000 Unclassified Round Cambridge
Zumper $17,600,000 Series B San Francisco
mParticle $17,500,000 Series B New York
Oryx Vision $17,000,000 Series A Petah Tiqva HaMerkaz
Furlenco $15,000,000 Series B Bangalore
Metamarkets $14,250,000 Debt Round San Francisco
Ladder $14,000,000 Series A Menlo Park
TouchBistro $13,000,000 Series B New York
Moov $12,000,000 Series B Mountain View
MD Start $11,500,000 Unclassified Round Paris
MEMSDrive $11,000,000 Series B Pasadena
TransThera Biosciences $10,000,000 Series A Nanjing Jiangsu
Ovia Health $10,000,000 Unclassified Round Boston
Splio $10,000,000 Series A Paris
IbanFirst $10,000,000 Unclassified Round  Wisconsin
Newtopia $10,000,000 Series A Toronto
Thrive Market $10,000,000 Debt Round Los Angeles
Viscovery $10,000,000 Unclassified Round Shanghai
Notion $9,500,000 Series A Ann Arbor
Zipwhip $9,000,000 Series B Seattle
SPARK Schools $9,000,000 Series B Gauteng
Coloreel $8,900,000 Unclassified Round Sweden
Oxford Photovoltaics $8,700,000 Series C  Oxfordshire
ComplyAdvantage $8,200,000 Series A London
Boxtal $7,000,000 Series C Paris
Postman $7,000,000 Series A Bangalore
RealScout $7,000,000 Series C Mountain View
HEALBE $6,500,000 Unclassified Round Redwood City
Hangar Technology $6,500,000 Seed Funding Austin
Antsy labs $6,465,690 Crowd & Private Funding Denver
Chorus.ai $6,300,000 Unclassified Round San Francisco
Workspot $6,200,000 Series B Cupertino
Indian School Finance Company $6,000,000 Series A New Dheli
Patara Pharma $6,000,000 Unclassified Round San Diego
Vincross $6,000,000 Series A Beijing
Finrise $5,300,000 Seed Funding Burlingame
TravelTek $5,300,000 Unclassified Round East Kilbride
Cleveland Clinic $5,000,000 Grants Cleveland
Simba Sleep $5,000,000 Unclassified Round London
Tachyus $5,000,000 Unclassified Round San Mateo
TicketBiscuit $5,000,000 Unclassified Round  Alabama
Smartfrog $5,000,000 Series A Dublin
Vertical Mass $5,000,000 Series A Culver City
4G Clinical $5,000,000 Series A Dover
Renegade Brands $5,000,000 Unclassified Round  Illinois
Ritual $5,000,000 Seed Funding West Hollywood
ShotTracker $5,000,000 Seed Funding Overland Park
OnceThere Inc $4,481,889 Unclassified Round Austin Texas
Entegrion $4,200,000 Debt Round Raleigh
Hookipa Biotech $4,160,000 Grants Vienna
Elastagen $4,000,000 Grants Sydney
VMRay GmbH $3,900,000 Series A Bochum Nordrhein-Westfalen
CloudLex Inc. $3,700,000 Series A
Biz2Mobile $3,600,000 Unclassified Round  Oxfordshire
Kayentis $3,600,000 Unclassified Round
Bezahlt $3,500,000 Seed Funding Berlin
Kindful $3,500,000 Series A Nashville
Ummeed Housing Finance Private Limited $3,500,000 Series A  Haryana
Pay By Group $3,400,000 Seed Funding San Francisco
Zylo $3,300,000 Seed Funding
Returnly $3,220,000 Seed Funding Larkspur
Allocab $3,000,000 Series A Paris
NETTLINX LIMITED $3,000,000 Unclassified Round  Andhra Pradesh
Artizan Biosciences $3,000,000 Unclassified Round Durham
Direct Online Services $3,000,000 Unclassified Round Gloucestershire
HYPR Corp. $3,000,000 Unclassified Round
Ravelin $3,000,000 Series A London
Hubb $3,000,000 Series A  Washington
AtlasTrend $2,800,000 Seed Funding Sydney
Nano-X $2,500,000 Grants Sydney
FIRE $2,500,000 Grants Philadelphia
Joy $2,500,000 Seed Funding San Francisco
MYSUN $2,500,000 Seed Funding Uttar Pradesh
Worldcoo $2,300,000 Unclassified Round Barcelona
Baroo $2,250,000 New York
Biome Makers $2,200,000 Seed Funding San Francisco
iCellate $2,200,000 Series B Stockholm
Doctrine $2,000,000 Unclassified Round Paris
FabAlley $2,000,000 Series A  Uttar Pradesh
Good Parents Inc. $2,000,000 Seed Funding San Francisco
Revlo $2,000,000 Seed Funding Toronto
Station Fire Memorial Foundation $2,000,000 Unclassified Round  Rhode Island
EnXray $2,000,000 Series B Liverpool
PopChef $2,000,000 Seed Funding Paris
Reali $2,000,000 Seed Funding San Mateo
The Purple $1,983,825 Crowd & Private Funding  Utah
Tecovas $1,800,000 Seed Funding Austin
23andMe $1,700,000 Grants Mountain View
Friendable $1,600,000 IPO Campbell
Tovala $1,600,000 Seed Funding Chicago
Airwavz Solutions $1,590,000 Unclassified Round Durham
MaidSafe $1,581,191 Crowd & Private Funding Troon South
Juice So Good $1,550,000 Unclassified Round Minneapolis
Unibap $1,500,000 Unclassified Round Uppsala
Brainomix $1,500,000 Series B Oxford
HigherMe $1,500,000 Seed Funding Boston
MarcoPolo Learning $1,400,000 Seed Funding
Apprl $1,400,000 Seed Funding Stockholm
Compaction Technologies $1,300,000 Unclassified Round Brooklyn
ProductBoard $1,300,000 Seed Funding San Francisco
Hyper Anna $1,250,000 Unclassified Round Sydney
First Circle $1,200,000 Seed Funding Philippines
SoloLearn $1,200,000 Seed Funding Pleasanton
Purdue University $1,150,000 Grants West Lafayette
Codesmith $1,100,000 Seed Funding Los Angeles
Fisdom $1,100,000 Seed Funding Bangalore
University of New Brunswick $1,000,000 Grants Fredericton
AllUnite $1,000,000 Unclassified Round Copenhagen
Veromo $1,000,000 Seed Funding Sydney
Mykindofjob $1,000,000 Angel Financing Mumbai
Neos $1,000,000 Seed Funding London
Hearworks Pty Ltd $750,000 Grants Melbourne
PostBeyond $750,000 Series A Toronto
Sheridan College $700,000 Unclassified Round Ontario
Fedr8 Ltd $600,000 Seed Funding Hampshire
Recorrido.cl $600,000 Seed Funding Santiago Region Metropolitana Chile
Causeway Sensors $500,000 Seed Funding  Belfast
Braintrain 20:20 $485,000 Seed Funding Sheffield
Expression Health Analytics $315,000 Seed Funding Nashville
Tazzo Technologies $300,000 Seed Funding  Andhra Pradesh
YuMiGo $300,000 Seed Funding Haryana
My Dealer Service $250,000 Seed Funding Denver
surgiQ $235,000 Seed Funding Genoa Liguria
Hyperion Development $230,000 Grants Durban
Chattar Patar $200,000 Seed Funding  Madhya Pradesh
Graviky Labs $160,000 Seed Funding Bangalore
3Dexter $150,000 Seed Funding New Dheli
Kaido Group $50,000 Seed Funding Birmingham
NewsPatrolling $25,000 Seed Funding Azadpur Delhi
mooVmoo $23,450 Crowd & Private Funding London
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