Weekly Venture Capital Funding and Investment activity report for the week ending October 14, 2016.

If we have missed any activity, please let us know.

Global Venture Dollars Invested by Location

Venture Deals by Location

Global Venture Deals by Location

Venture Dollar Invested by Location

Total Weekly Invested Dollars

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Venture Deals by Sector

This Weeks’ (Oct 7 – Oct 14 )

Year to Date (Mar 17 – Oct 14)

Ventures Deals by Sector industry Weekly Venture Capital & Investment Funding

Company Name  Amount Raised  Financing Round Location
sPower $786,000,000 Debt Round Salt Lake City
Luxe Energy $524,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding Austin
WeWork $260,000,000 Series F New York
National Storage Affiliates Trust $160,000,000 IPO Greenwood Village
Zymergen $130,000,000 Series B Emeryville
SunOpta $85,000,000 IPO Brampton
5Lmeet $78,500,000 Series A Kagoshima
DTI Management $75,000,000 Unclassified Round Alexandria
YUPPTV $50,000,000 Series B Aplaretta
simPRO Software $40,000,000 Series A Boulder
Edlio $40,000,000 Unclassified Round Los Angeles
Relievant Medsystems $36,000,000 Series E Redwood City
Altiostar Networks $30,043,334 Unclassified Round Tewksbury
MSI Methylation Sciences $30,000,000 Unclassified Round Burnaby
Navya Technology $30,000,000 Unclassified Round Paris
Cloud9 Technologies $30,000,000 Series A New York
Pluto TV $30,000,000 Series B Los Angeles
Mist Systems $28,000,000 Series B Cupertino
Nexus Systems $28,000,000 Unclassified Round Falls Church
Marcus & Millichap $24,100,000 Debt Round Palo Alto
ActiveCampaign $20,000,000 Series A Chicago
GigaTrust $20,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding Herndon
eve Sleep Limited $18,300,000 Series B London
Financeit $17,000,000 Unclassified Round Toronto
Axial Healthcare $16,500,000 Series B Nashville
Everwise $16,000,000 Series B New York
FlexiLoans $15,000,000 Unclassified Round Mumbai
Gegejia.com $15,000,000 Series A Hangzhou
VenueNext $15,000,000 Series B Palo Alto
Rajesh LifeSpaces $14,900,000 Unclassified Round Mumbai
Cityworks $14,500,000 Unclassified Round Sandy
SMT (SportsMEDIA Technology) $13,845,638 Unclassified Round Durham
Ranzure Networks $13,000,000 Series A Richardson
FourKites $13,000,000 Series A Chicago
Gridco $12,000,000 Unclassified Round Woburn
Storytel $12,000,000 Unclassified Round Stockholm
E8 Security $12,000,000 Series B Redwood City
Linkfluence $12,000,000 Series C Paris
Webscale $12,000,000 Series A Mountain View
Xueleyun $12,000,000 Series C Shanghai
Tulane University $11,400,000 Grants New Orleans
Coorpacademy $11,000,000 Unclassified Round Vaud
Fortimedix $11,000,000 Series A Limburg
Cassia Networks $10,270,000 Series B San Jose
My Alarm Center $10,000,000 Unclassified Round Newtown Square
StreetTeam Software $10,000,000 Series A London
tCell.io $9,400,000 Series A San Fransisco
Sonovate $9,000,000 Series B London
Promentis Pharmaceuticals $8,700,000 Unclassified Round Milwaukee
C1X Inc. $8,500,000 Series B San Jose
HappyCo (Happy Inspector) $7,500,000 Series A San Fransisco
Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom $7,500,000 Unclassified Round Washington
Seniorlink $7,500,000 Unclassified Round Boston
Akriveia Therapeutics $7,500,000 Series A Skillman
Titan Spine $7,500,000 Unclassified Round Mequon
Immunome $7,200,000 Series A Philadelphia
OncoResponse $7,000,000 Series A Houston
Geostellar $7,000,000 Unclassified Round Martinsburg
HolidayMe $7,000,000 Series A Dubai
Contessa Health $6,999,959 Series B Nashville
Crunchfish $6,750,000 Unclassified Round Skane Lan
Equis Hospitality Mangagement $6,500,000 Unclassified Round Missouri City
Lucerno Dynamics $6,341,590 Series A Morrisville
Cybric $6,300,000 Seed Funding Boston
Oasis Centre For Reproductive Medicine $6,200,000 Unclassified Round Andhra Pradesh
Ubimax GmbH $6,000,000 Unclassified Round Bremen
Soundtrap AB $6,000,000 Series A Stockholm
CarThera $5,700,000 Grants Paris
Optimus Ride $5,250,000 Seed Funding Cambridge
Nugit $5,200,000 Unclassified Round Singapore
Amyris Biotechnologies $5,000,000 IPO Emeryville
Harbor MedTech $5,000,000 Unclassified Round Irvine
PayFit $5,000,000 Series A Paris
REG Grays Harbor $5,000,000 Debt Round Ames
FundThrough $4,600,000 Unclassified Round Ontario
Code Climate $4,500,000 Series A New York
PacketZoom $4,300,000 Unclassified Round San Mateo
Ominto $4,000,000 IPO Bellevue
VICIS $4,000,000 Debt Round Seattle
Purdue University $4,000,000 Grants West Lafayette
Noodle Partners $4,000,000 Seed Funding New York
Virgil Security $4,000,000 Series A Manassas
Synaptive Medical $3,700,000 Unclassified Round Toronto
Flypay $3,500,000 Series A London
itopia $3,500,000 Unclassified Round Miami
Evidation Health $3,400,000 Series B Menlo Park
HomeMe $3,200,000 Seed Funding Culver City
Kindly Care $3,100,000 Unclassified Round San Fransisco
Dignify Therapeutics $3,100,000 Grants Raleigh
The Flex Company $3,000,000 Seed Funding Venice
BISON $3,000,000 Series A Boston
Serverless $3,000,000 Seed Funding San Fransisco
Tribe $3,000,000 Seed Funding San Fransisco
CloudCoreo $2,900,000 Seed Funding Seattle
Cruzar Medsystems $2,850,000 Unclassified Round Braintree
inXile Entertainment $2,750,000 Crowd & Private Funding Newport Beach
SimpleOrder $2,750,000 Series A Tel Aviv
HappyCar $2,600,000 Unclassified Round Hamburg
Falafel Games – Mezzabites Technologies Co., Ltd $2,600,000 Series A Hong Kong
Funderbeam $2,600,000 Unclassified Round Harjumaa
DMscore $2,500,000 Seed Funding Palo Alto
VECTARY $2,500,000 Seed Funding London
MEL Science $2,500,000 Series A Buckinghamshire
Zungle $2,400,000 Crowd & Private Funding Los Angeles
WorkRails $2,300,000 Seed Funding New York
KOOH Sports $2,200,000 Unclassified Round Mumbai
CrowdfundUP $2,100,000 Unclassified Round Perth
Share Your Offce $2,000,000 Unclassified Round San Fransisco
Virtudent $2,000,000 Seed Funding Boston
Snapp $2,000,000 Series A Tehran
8tracks Radio $2,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding San Fransisco
Big Data for Humans $2,000,000 Debt Round London
Eat $2,000,000 Unclassified Round Manama
Kontist $2,000,000 Unclassified Round Berlin
Snap40 $2,000,000 Seed Funding Glasgow
Astronomer $1,900,000 Seed Funding Cincinnati
CoContest $1,890,000 Unclassified Round San Fransisco
Anellotech $1,500,000 Unclassified Round Pearl River
NewsTab $1,500,000 Unclassified Round Tel Aviv
Hooch $1,500,000 Seed Funding New York
Brami $1,500,000 Seed Funding New York
Flashstock Technology Inc. $1,500,000 Angel Financing Toronto
Publit $1,350,000 Unclassified Round Stockholm
BotFactory $1,300,000 Unclassified Round Brooklyn
Side $1,300,000 Seed Funding Paris
SalaryFits $1,250,000 Unclassified Round London
Health Hero, Inc $1,125,000 Seed Funding Tampa
Latimer Group $1,100,000 Unclassified Round London
BorrowMyDoggy $1,054,490 Crowd & Private Funding London
GoZefo $1,050,000 Unclassified Round Bangalore
BAREFOOT $1,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding Brussels
Snowfall $1,000,000 Seed Funding Turku
University of Arkansas at Little Rock $1,000,000 Grants Little Rock
Glisser $1,000,000 Seed Funding London
SixThirty – FinTech Accelerator $1,000,000 Unclassified Round St Louis
Koukoi Games $1,000,000 Unclassified Round Oulu
SixThirty Cyber $1,000,000 Seed Funding Washington
Funeralbooker $920,000 Seed Funding London
Authess $830,000 Seed Funding Boston
Green Commuter $750,000 Grants Los Angeles
Uniti Sweden $660,000 Crowd & Private Funding Lund
RobovacEnzo $600,000 Angel Financing Ahmedabad
Moley Robotics $533,012 Crowd & Private Funding London
BrainWaveBank $525,000 Seed Funding Belfast
Story Terrace $500,000 Angel Financing London
Yourefolio $500,000 Seed Funding Cleveland
gachvang.com $500,000 Angel Financing Ho Chi Ming City
ICmed $500,000 Seed Funding Baltimore
Plum $500,000 Seed Funding London
Deyor Camps $500,000 Seed Funding Mumbai
SpaceConnect $400,000 Seed Funding Sydney
Indus B2C Global $375,000 Angel Financing New Dheli
Azitra $350,000 Seed Funding Farmington
Opus 12 $350,000 Seed Funding Berkeley
Zymochem $350,000 Seed Funding San Fransisco
Smart Plants $345,000 Angel Financing Stavanger
Payfully $300,000 Seed Funding New York
ExpenseBot $250,000 Seed Funding Cleveland
Camptoo $236,000 Crowd & Private Funding Amsterdam
Medmonk $200,000 Seed Funding Cupertino
Englue $200,000 Seed Funding San Diego
UrbanEngineer $160,000 Seed Funding Novato
Nurturey $128,033 Crowd & Private Funding Beckenham
GenWorth $102,000 IPO Gurgaon
Sneakers By Jordana $100,000 Seed Funding Michigan
Cycle.Land $60,000 Crowd & Private Funding Paris
Embodied Labs $25,000 Seed Funding Chicago
NotifyM $20,000 Seed Funding Toronto
The Feeling Friends $15,000 Seed Funding Winston Salem
Muddy Creek Cafe & Music Hall $10,000 Seed Funding Winston Salem
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