Entrepreneur Tips: Successful Board Meetings

Many start-up company board meetings are highly unproductive because the early stage startup CEO generally is not an experienced board member, and thus often lacks the experience required to manage a board effectively. Board meetings, if they happen regularly, are often just an event held to satisfy legal requirements. They also get held as an occasion for the management team to meet with lead investors, and provide brief updates, and answer basic questions. Each time this particular form of meeting is held represents an opportunity lost.

Managing Boards for success does not begin and end at the start and end time of a scheduled meeting. Boards are incredibly powerful tools when managed properly.

Milestone Based Financing – Access to Capital

With limited capital, every choice will be weighed and decided based on value to the customer, which intuitively results in value to the company and shareholders. Do you need to add a feature? Do you need an API? Do you need a more senior team member? Do you need a PR agency? Do you need to do anything other than X to reach the goal / milestone you have committed to? Using your capital effectively is a signal to investors; you want it to be a positive signal. Every company is capital constrained. Even Apple operates as if capital constrained. If they didn’t they would not have so much cash in the bank!

AIG Innovation Challenge – Enter to win $50,000

AIG Canada, in partnership with the Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, is excited to announce the launch of the AIG Innovation Challenge.


– The use of innovative technologies to create new value for satisfaction and loyalty; or

– Explore industry specific tools and/or solutions to create new business capabilities, new distribution models or new digital insurance capabilities;

– Submissions exploring alternative innovation spaces are welcome.