Weekly Venture Capital Funding and Investment activity report for the week ending September 30, 2016

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Global Venture Dollars Invested by Location

Venture Dollar Invested by Location

Global Venture Deals by Location

Venture Deals by Location

Total Weekly Invested Dollars

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Venture Deals by Sector

This Weeks’ (Sept 23 – Sept 30 )

Year to Date (Mar 17 – Sept 30)

Ventures Deals by Sector industry Weekly Venture Capital & Investment Funding

Company Name  Amount Raised  Financing Round Location
COFCO $2,600,000,000 Debt Round Beijing
Airbnb $555,462,100 Crowd & Private Funding San Fransisco
Sedgwick Claims Management Services $500,000,000 Seed Funding Memphis
Ecobank Transnational Incorporated $310,000,000 Debt Round Lome
Mekorot $244,000,000 Unclassified Round Tel Aviv
FreshDirect $189,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding Long Island City
Warby Parker $156,360,000 Unclassified Round New York
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals $150,000,000 Debt Round Cambridge
Tink Labs $125,000,000 Unclassified Round Hong Kong
Able Lending $100,000,000 Debt Round Austin
Avalara $96,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding Baindridge Island
Apttus $88,000,000 Series D San Mateo
Opera Solutions $70,000,000 Series B Jersey City
Red Planet Hotels $70,000,000 Unclassified Round Bangkok
Flexport $65,000,000 Series B San Fransisco
JDS Silver $65,000,000 Unclassified Round Vancouver
Zuoyebang $60,000,000 Seed Funding Beijing
Linio $55,000,000 Unclassified Round Mexico City
MicuRx Pharmaceuticals $55,000,000 Debt Round Hayward
InstaMed $50,000,000 Unclassified Round Philadelphia
Color Genomics $45,000,000 Series B Burlingame
Sanofi Pasteur $43,200,000 Unclassified Round Lyon
T2 Biosystems $40,000,000 Angel Financing Lexington
Skyhigh Networks $40,000,000 Series B Campbell
Mesa Air Group $35,000,000 Series B Phoenix
Tealium $35,000,000 Unclassified Round San Diego
SentreHEART $35,000,000 Series A Redwood City
AppNexus $31,000,000 Unclassified Round New York
Certona $30,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding San Diego
Qihoo 360 Technology $30,000,000 Series B Beijing
Bosszhipin $28,000,000 Series C Beijing
Medical Channel $25,000,000 Seed Funding Sydney
First Internet Bancorp $25,000,000 Debt Round College Station
ProsperWorks $24,000,000 Seed Funding San Fransisco
Stereotaxis $24,000,000 Unclassified Round St. Louis
Zenly $22,500,000 Debt Round Paris
BrightLine $20,000,000 Series A New York
FINALCAD $20,000,000 Series B Gometz-la-ville
NS1 $20,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding New York
Fortis Therapeutics $18,000,000 Series A San Diego
Immunic AG $17,500,000 Series A Bayern Munich
Contrast Security $16,000,000 Series B Palo Alto
Operator $15,000,000 Debt Round San Fransisco
University of Notre Dame $15,000,000 Seed Funding Notre Dame
Prestige and Homeseeker Park & Leisure Homes $13,000,000 Unclassified Round Northamptonshire
Viamet Pharmaceuticals $12,000,014 Unclassified Round Morrisville
TierPoint $12,000,000 Series B St. Louis
Whispir $11,750,000 Unclassified Round Melbourne
AnyPerk $11,500,000 Series A San Fransisco
Catabasis Pharmaceuticals $11,500,000 IPO Cambridge
Fieldglass $11,129,988 Unclassified Round Chicago
Membersuite $11,000,000 Debt Round Atlanta
Gfycat $10,000,000 Seed Funding Mountain View
Kahoot! $10,000,000 Series A Oslo
Mavrx $10,000,000 Seed Funding San Fransisco
Vidal Healthcare $10,000,000 Grant Bangalore
Beckon, Inc. $10,000,000 Unclassified Round San Mateo
Knotch $10,000,000 Series A San Fransisco
Kustomer $10,000,000 Debt Round New York
RiverRidge Recycling $10,000,000 Series A Garvagh
Podium Data $9,700,000 Series A Lowell
Cool Planet Energy Systems $9,000,000 Unclassified Round Colorado
OpenSesame $9,000,000 Unclassified Round Portland
VSwork $9,000,000 Unclassified Round Saint Petersburg City
Anodot $8,000,000 Unclassified Round Ra’anana
Impartner $8,000,000 Unclassified Round South Jordan
District M $8,000,000 Unclassified Round Montreal
Batavia Biosciences $8,000,000 Grant Leiden
University of Alabama at Birmingham $8,000,000 Debt Round Birmingham
The Luxury Closet $7,800,000 Seed Funding Dubai
b8ta $7,000,000 Series A Palo Alto
Invitel Holdings $6,350,000 Grant Budapest
Estify $6,300,000 Series B Los Angeles
Gadgetwood $6,000,000 Unclassified Round New Dheli
Cloudcherry $6,000,000 Series A Singapore
Bonsai $6,000,000 Series A Berkeley
Inverse $6,000,000 Series A San Fransisco
Kinetica $6,000,000 Unclassified Round San Fransisco
FirstBlood $5,500,000 Unclassified Round Boston
Reporty Homeland Security Ltd $5,500,000 Grant Tel Aviv
Oryzon Genomics $5,300,000 Series B Barcelona
Site 1001, Inc. $5,000,000 Seed Funding Kansas City
Klaxoon $5,000,000 Unclassified Round Bretagne
SecBI $5,000,000 Grant Tel Aviv
TRACON Pharmaceuticals $5,000,000 Unclassified Round San Diego
Dooer $4,600,000 Unclassified Round Stockholm
Ramblin’ Brands $4,400,000 Seed Funding Singapore
Coriell Institute for Medical Research $4,250,000 Grant Camden
Advonex International $4,200,000 Unclassified Round Kingston
Mawingu Networks $4,099,999 Series A Rift Valley
Aceable $4,000,000 Series A Austin
LiquidSky Software $4,000,000 Unclassified Round New York
Shiftgig $3,867,215 Crowd & Private Funding Chicago
Encompass Corporation $3,600,000 Unclassified Round Glasgow
Leukos Biotech $3,500,000 Debt Round Barcelona
Canadian Solar $3,500,000 Grant San Bernardino
Paddle $3,200,000 Debt Round London
Atrex Energy $3,100,000 Grant Walpole
Propeller Aero $3,100,000 Unclassified Round Sydney
FreightHub $3,000,000 Unclassified Round Berlin
Preceptis Medical $3,000,000 Unclassified Round Plymouth
Kakitangan.com $3,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding Malaysia
Skymind $3,000,000 Series A San Fransisco
Trunomi $3,000,000 IPO San Jose
LegalSifter, Inc. $2,750,000 Unclassified Round Pittsburgh
Reapplix $2,700,000 Unclassified Round Hovedstaden
Bioxis Pharmaceuticals $2,500,000 Unclassified Round Lyon
Shuttlerock $2,500,000 Unclassified Round Canterbury
Bitso $2,500,000 Unclassified Round Mexico City
Wynd Technologies, Inc. $2,500,000 Unclassified Round Redwood City
Cyclica $2,400,000 Series A Toronto
compareit4me $2,400,000 Unclassified Round Dubai
Capricor Therapeutics $2,400,000 Grant Los Angeles
SpeachMe $2,200,000 Unclassified Round Austin
DreamsCloud $2,000,000 Seed Funding Miami
Comer Children’s Hospital $2,000,000 Grant Chicago
Red Points $2,000,000 Unclassified Round Barcelona
Planet Intus $1,800,000 Seed Funding Geneva
DeepGram $1,800,000 Unclassified Round Mountain View
NOMATIC $1,725,336 Seed Funding Utah
LoftSmart, Inc. $1,725,000 Seed Funding New York
Neuro Therapia $1,700,000 Seed Funding Ohio
Briskeye $1,600,000 Unclassified Round Stockholm
WealthHub Solutions $1,600,000 Seed Funding Conshohocken
ThisWay Global $1,600,000 Series B Cambridge
Tinystep $1,580,000 Seed Funding Bengaluru
Cellerant Therapeutics $1,500,000 Grant San Carlos
Latize $1,500,000 Series A Singapore
Medherant $1,500,000 Debt Round Coventry
SocietyOne $1,500,000 Series D Sydney
WhoDoYou $1,500,000 Crowd & Private Funding Lod
Umi Kitchen $1,400,000 Seed Funding New York
Ascent Solar Technologies $1,350,000 IPO Thornton
Bricklane.com $1,300,000 Seed Funding London
Centaur Analytics $1,300,000 Seed Funding Greece
Naborly $1,250,000 Grant Toronto
C-Com Satellite Systems $1,200,000 IPO Ottawa
Qrvey $1,200,000 IPO Virginia
KidPass $1,200,000 Seed Funding New York
Screach $1,100,000 Unclassified Round Newcastle
Greyloft $1,100,000 Seed Funding Singapore
Kresge Foundation $1,000,000 Grant Nordrhein-Westfalen
Captio $1,000,000 Unclassified Round Catalonia
Pharmarack $1,000,000 Unclassified Round Pune
Repable $1,000,000 Seed Funding Toronto
UangTeman $1,000,000 Seed Funding Jakarta
Archeio Technologies $1,000,000 Unclassified Round Dallas
BankBazaar.com $1,000,000 Unclassified Round Chennai
Digi.me $1,000,000 Series A Tongham
Garden Girl $1,000,000 Unclassified Round Ostergotlands Lan
InstaCar $1,000,000 Seed Funding Madhya Pradesh
Tacticsoft $1,000,000 Unclassified Round Kefar Shmuel
FinLocker $900,000 Unclassified Round St. Louis
Monument $876,348 Angel Financing Chicago
OneFit $850,000 Series B Amsterdam
TransparentCareer $850,000 Unclassified Round Chicago
RubiconMD $750,000 Seed Funding New York
ResQ Pharma $725,000 Debt Round Chicago
PervasID $720,000 Series A Cambridge
VentriPoint Diagnostics $600,000 Grant Seattle
BurningNight Group $500,000 Crowd & Private Funding Leeds
Beardo.in $500,000 Seed Funding Ahmedabad
Blockchainiz.io $500,000 Seed Funding Lille
Vehicles for Change $500,000 Grant Halethorpe
MintMesh $400,000 Unclassified Round Fairfax
Switcher Studio $400,000 IPO Louisville
OneMedNet $350,000 Unclassified Round Tucker
Refash $294,000 Series A Singapore
Lellan $250,000 Seed Funding Redwood City
My Stroke Team (MyST) $250,000 Crowd & Private Funding Hamilton
ShotPoint $250,000 Series D Mclean
Abwiz Bio $225,000 Grant San Diego
DatePlay $219,570 Crowd & Private Funding London
Timeular $200,000 Seed Funding Graz
Benton Resources $200,000 IPO Thunder Bay
PoweredLocal $125,000 Series A Prahran
FilmDoo $124,590 Crowd & Private Funding London
cranes $107,048 Crowd & Private Funding Cambridge
Alphachannel $100,000 Seed Funding New York
SugarTrends $300 Grant Cologne
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