Weekly Venture Capital Funding and Investment activity report for the week ending September 23, 2016.

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Global Venture Dollars Invested by Location

Venture Dollar Invested by Location

Global Venture Deals by Location

Venture Deals by Location

Total Weekly Invested Dollars

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Venture Deals by Sector

This Weeks’ (Sept 16 – Sept 23 )

Year to Date (Mar 17 – Sept 23)


Ventures Deals by Sector industry Weekly Venture Capital & Investment Funding

Company Name  Amount Raised Financing Round Location
LeEco $1,080,000,000 Unclassified Round Beijing
Grab (formerly GrabTaxi) $750,000,000 Seed Funding Singapore
Perrigo $600,000,000 Unclassified Round Dublin
Viking Cruises $500,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding Woodland Hills
ole $500,000,000 IPO Toronto
SolarCity $305,000,000 IPO San Mateo
Hero Entertainment $288,000,000 IPO Perry Hall
Topgolf Entertainment Group $275,000,000 Debt Round London
Guazi.com $250,000,000 Series B Beijing
ICICI PruLife Insurance $244,000,000 Series A Mumbai
Intarcia Therapeutics $215,000,000 Unclassified Round Hayward
Silver Fern Farms $191,000,000 Unclassified Round Dunedin
Hero FinCorp $138,000,000 Series B New Dheli
Wave $125,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding Toronto
Aerie Pharmaceuticals $125,000,000 IPO Bedminster
Thalmic Labs $120,000,000 Series B Kitchener
OCTO Technology $115,000,000 Seed Funding Paris
Metromile $103,100,000 Seed Funding San Fransisco
Postmates $100,000,000 Seed Funding San Fransisco
Reimagine Holdings Group $100,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding New Canaan
ROOBO $100,000,000 Unclassified Round Beijing
Obalon Therapeutics $75,000,000 IPO Carlsbad
OurCrowd $72,000,000 Series A Jerusalem
Defy Media $70,000,000 Series B New York
Ripple $55,000,000 Series B San Fransisco
FanDuel $55,000,000 Debt Round New York
Stanbic Bank Uganda $55,000,000 Seed Funding Kampala
Peloton Therapeutics $52,400,000 Series D Dallas
GreenSky $50,000,000 Unclassified Round Atlanta
Roboteam $50,000,000 Unclassified Round Tel Aviv
Vlocity $50,000,000 Unclassified Round San Fransisco
Vroom $50,000,000 Series E New York
ZESA Holdings $50,000,000 Series E Harare
LegacyTexas $50,000,000 Series A Plano
Centec Networks $47,000,000 Series E Suzhou
Philz Coffee $45,000,000 Series C San Fransisco
SamJosh Healthcare $45,000,000 Unclassified Round Bengaluru
Hanjin Shipping $44,600,000 Unclassified Round Seoul
Heliatek $42,000,000 Seed Funding Dresden
Pepperfry.com $41,300,000 Series B Mumbai
SeedWorks International $40,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding
BitSight Technologies $40,000,000 Series C Cambridge
Cyence $40,000,000 Unclassified Round San Mateo
Aptus Value Housing Finance India $40,000,000 Unclassified Round Tamil Nadu
Industrious $37,000,000 Series B Brooklyn
Digital Map Products $36,300,000 Unclassified Round Irvine
Lucid Software Inc $36,000,000 Series B Draper
Delinia $35,000,000 Series A San Fransisco
Applause $35,000,000 Series F Framingham
OceanFirst Bank $35,000,000 Unclassified Round Toms River
Datorama $32,000,000 Series C New York
Claroty $32,000,000 Unclassified Round New York
BrightFarms $30,100,000 Series C New York
Phononic Devices $30,000,000 Unclassified Round Durham
Cato Networks $30,000,000 Series B Tel Aviv
CSI Compressco $30,000,000 Oklahoma
FinanceFox $28,000,000 Series A Berlin
4C $26,000,000 Series C Chicago
Bonfire Studios $25,000,000 Unclassified Round Dallas
oTMS $25,000,000 Series B Shanghai
CTERA Networks $25,000,000 Series C New York
Artios Pharma $25,000,000 Series A Cambridge
Nav $25,000,000 Unclassified Round San Mateo
FRX Polymers $22,000,000 Unclassified Round Chelmsford
Optimove $20,000,000 Crowd & Private Funding Tel Aviv
GitLab Inc $20,000,000 Series B San Fransisco
Dia&Co $20,000,000 Unclassified Round Brooklyn
White Ops $20,000,000 Series A New York
Gametime $20,000,000 Seed Funding San Fransisco
SHR $20,000,000 Series A Houston
Farmer’s Edge Laboratories $18,300,000 Unclassified Round Winnipeg
uno $16,500,000 Series A Sydney
InfluxData $16,000,000 Debt Round San Fransisco
Bell English $15,700,000 Series A Cambridge
InContext Solutions $15,200,000 Series D Chicago
Credence MedSystems $15,000,000 Series A Menlo Park
Canva $15,000,000 Series A Sydney
WIJET $15,000,000 Series B Paris
Billogram $15,000,000 Unclassified Round Stockholm
KeyMe $15,000,000 Unclassified Round New York
dcBLOX Inc. $15,000,000 Series A Atlanta
d.light design $15,000,000 Series D Grand Cayman
Essential Medical $14,900,000 Series B Malvern
Advantagene $14,000,000 Series A Auburndale
Tipalti $14,000,000 Series C Palo Alto
Renmatix $14,000,000 Seed Funding Kennesaw
OMsignal $13,000,000 Debt Round Montreal
Quandl $12,000,000 Series B Toronto
You.i $12,000,000 Series B Ottawa
Inbenta $12,000,000 Series B San Mateo
Resonant Inc $11,500,000 IPO Santa Barbara
project44 $10,500,000 Series A Chicago
Sarcos $10,500,000 Unclassified Round Salt Lake City
ViSenze $10,500,000 Series A Singapore
Simple $10,000,000 Unclassified Round Portland
RackWare $10,000,000 Series B Fremont
ZCOOL $10,000,000 Series B
Vertebrae $10,000,000 Series A Santa Monica
Frame.io $10,000,000 Series A New York
EVINE Live $10,000,000 Seed Funding Eden Prairie
Securus Medical Group $10,000,000 Series B Clevehand
Unified $10,000,000 Series B New York
Infinity Tracking $10,000,000 Angel Financing London
StarOfService $10,000,000 Seed Funding Paris
Sonder $10,000,000 Series C San Fransisco
Tempronics $9,500,000 Series C Tucson
Eyevensys $9,000,000 Unclassified Round Paris
Ellevest $9,000,000 Seed Funding New York
Zeekit $9,000,000 Series B Tel Aviv
Whispir $8,900,000 Seed Funding Melbourne
Crop Enhancement $8,500,000 Series B Cambridge
Point $8,400,000 Series A Palo Alto
GameCo Inc $8,250,000 Debt Round New York
Promoboxx $8,200,000 Series A Boston
Business Talent Group $8,000,000 Series B New York
Glooko $8,000,000 Series C Palo Alto
Axine Water Technologies $8,000,000 Series B Vancouver
Totango $8,000,000 Series C San Mateo
Aircall $8,000,000 Series A Paris
DarkVision Technologies $8,000,000 Series A Vancouver
Titan Medical $7,900,000 IPO Toronto
BAROnova $7,500,000 Debt Round Goleta
Depop $7,400,000 Unclassified Round London
Unravel Data $7,000,000 Series A Menlo Park
Luma $7,000,000 Series A Atlanta
Uncharted Play $7,000,000 Unclassified Round New York
TVTY $6,700,000 Unclassified Round Paris
H4D $6,700,000 Series A Alpes
Portfolium $6,600,000 Unclassified Round San Diego
Arbor $6,500,000 Series A New York
Catalyze $6,500,000 Series B Madison
DRIVIN $6,500,000 Undisclosed Round/Grant Chicago
Mobilize $6,500,000 Debt Round San Fransisco
Sofregen Medical $6,200,000 Series A Cambridge
Fusebill $6,000,000 Series A Kanata
PubNub $6,000,000 Unclassified Round San Fransisco
Agent Video Intelligence $6,000,000 Unclassified Round Rosh HaAyin
Ambra Health $6,000,000 Unclassified Round New York
FoodChéri $6,000,000 Debt Round Paris
Chef’s Plate $6,000,000 Series A Toronto
Progressly $6,000,000 Series A Redwood City
TrueFacet $6,000,000 Unclassified Round New York
Nucleus $5,600,000 Series D Philadelphia
CellNovo $5,400,000 Unclassified Round London
Livelike $5,011,338 Seed Funding New York
Semma Therapeutics $5,000,000 Undisclosed Round/Grant Cambridge
ObEN $5,000,000 Series A Pasadena
SaladStop! $5,000,000 Unclassified Round Media
Sourcery Technologies $5,000,000 Unclassified Round San Fransisco
BrightVolt $5,000,000 Series B Lakeland
Potrero Medical $5,000,000 Unclassified Round San Fransisco
ACV Auctions $5,000,000 Series A Buffalo
Gumbler $5,000,000 Unclassified Round Stockholm
Mautic $5,000,000 Series A Burlington
MSMCi $5,000,000 Unclassified Round Melbourne
Antsy labs $4,751,739 Crowd & Private Funding Denver
Big Cloud Analytics $4,500,000 Series A Atlanta
SYNQY Corporation $4,500,000 Series B Pleasant Hill
Fauna $4,500,000 Seed Funding San Fransisco
Vestwell $4,500,000 Seed Funding New York
Solar Analytics $4,400,000 Unclassified Round Sydney
Sound Pharmaceuticals $4,099,999 Series A Seattle
Brazen $4,000,000 Series B Arlington
Payzer $4,000,000 Series B Charlotte
roadtohealth $4,000,000 Unclassified Round Nottingham
Cashtree $4,000,000 Series A Jakarta
Imbellus $4,000,000 Seed Funding Los Angeles
Purple WiFi $3,900,000 Series A London
Securisyn Medical $3,604,750 Unclassified Round Littleton
SiSaf $3,500,000 Series C Belfast
Wizbii $3,300,000 Seed Funding Grenoble
Promimic $3,200,000 Unclassified Round Gothenburg
Rekener $3,175,270 Seed Funding Lexington
MedBridge $3,000,000 Debt Round Seattle
Neural Analytics $3,000,000 Undisclosed Round/Grant Los Angeles
IntelinAir $3,000,000 Unclassified Round San Jose
Pleo $3,000,000 Seed Funding London
good culture $3,000,000 Seed Funding California City
Dagoma $3,000,000 Unclassified Round Paris
MoveSouq.com $3,000,000 Unclassified Round Dubai
XOR Labs Toronto $2,850,000 Series A Toronto
Rednote $2,600,000 Unclassified Round New York
BRICKX $2,500,000 Seed Funding Sydney
Community Health Network $2,500,000 Undisclosed Round/Grant Indianapolis
Appdiff $2,500,000 Unclassified Round San Fransisco
Transit App $2,400,000 Series A Montreal
Allset $2,350,000 Seed Funding San Fransisco
Civatech Oncology $2,300,000 Undisclosed Round/Grant Durham
Yotascale $2,250,000 Unclassified Round Menlo Park
Doxly $2,250,000 Seed Funding Indianapolis
INSIDER. $2,200,000 Seed Funding Istanbul
Drive Time Metrics $2,100,000 Seed Funding Providence
Skedaddle $2,100,000 Seed Funding Massachusetts
Visit Philadelphia $2,000,000 Undisclosed Round/Grant Philadelphia
InstaVR $2,000,000 Series A San Fransisco
RFPi $2,000,000 Angel Financing Greenville
Clubhouse Software $2,000,000 Seed Funding New York
LumaTax $2,000,000 Seed Funding Seattle
Wheelwell, Inc. $2,000,000 Undisclosed Round/Grant San Fransisco
Curve $2,000,000 Seed Funding London
AdStage $2,000,000 Series A San Fransisco
Channel Mum $2,000,000 Unclassified Round London
OMGwhen $2,000,000 Seed Funding Tel Aviv
Symbiotix Biotherapies $2,000,000 Undisclosed Round/Grant Boston
QuickLiquidity $1,750,000 Crowd & Private Funding Boca Raton
Spaceship Financial Services $1,600,000 Seed Funding Sydney
Illusense $1,600,000 Unclassified Round Vancouver
Dermira $1,500,000 IPO Menlo Park
eBev.com $1,500,000 Seed Funding Queensland
Huddlestock $1,500,000 Seed Funding London
GoPigeon $1,500,000 Unclassified Round Karnataka
SenGenix $1,500,000 Series B Durham
Jojonomic $1,500,000 Series A Singapore
Livity $1,500,000 Series B London
makepositive $1,500,000 Unclassified Round London
SidelineSwap $1,500,000 IPO New York
Array BioPharma $1,400,000 IPO Boulder
Sprinkl IO $1,300,000 Unclassified Round Dallas
Confluence Pharmaceuticals $1,300,000 Unclassified Round Indianapolis
DueCourse $1,250,000 Seed Funding Manchester
Plasso $1,200,000 Seed Funding Carlsbad
WealthArc, Inc. $1,200,000 Series B Zurich
Kameo $1,200,000 Unclassified Round Stockholm
ToLet $1,200,000 Series A Lagos
VirtDB $1,200,000 Seed Funding Budapest
Nested $1,200,000 Unclassified Round London
SolidOpinion Inc $1,120,000 Unclassified Round New York
Blavity $1,000,000 Seed Funding
Slope $1,000,000 Seed Funding Seattle
Check I’m Here $1,000,000 Series A Sant Petersburg
Curo Technologies $1,000,000 Seed Funding Melbourne
ExplORer Surgical $1,000,000 Seed Funding Chicago
Ontame io $1,000,000 Seed Funding Copenhagen
PikMyKid $1,000,000 Seed Funding Tampa
Drone League Racing $1,000,000 Unclassified Round New York
Rent College Pads, Inc. $1,000,000 Seed Funding Milwaukee
APPrise Mobile $1,000,000 Seed Funding New York
Hostmaker $1,000,000 Unclassified Round London
CoLife $1,000,000 Seed Funding Bengaluru
EnglishEdge $1,000,000 Series A Uttar Pradesh
Hashtaag $1,000,000 Series B San Fransisco
Kidblog $1,000,000 Unclassified Round Litchfield
Avadim Technologies $917,490 Unclassified Round Asheville
OneMedNet $900,000 Unclassified Round Tucker
Cna Financial Corp $883,000 IPO Chicago
Reconstruct $850,000 Seed Funding Champaign
Milo Biotechnology $800,000 Unclassified Round Clevehand
Maven Machines $775,000 Unclassified Round Pittsburgh
MedCrypt $750,000 Seed Funding San Diego
Iris Plans $750,000 Angel Financing Austin
Spiking $750,000 Debt Round Singapore
WattGlass $679,413 Debt Round Fayetteville
EpiVax $600,000 Undisclosed Round/Grant Providence
UCHANGE $500,000 Seed Funding
IntelinAir $500,000 Debt Round San Jose
JustLikeNew $500,000 Seed Funding Bangalore
Robo Wunderkind $500,000 Unclassified Round Vienna
Cotton Bureau $500,000 Seed Funding Pittsburgh
Quicargo $450,000 Debt Round Amsterdam
HUONE $430,530 Crowd & Private Funding Helsinki
San Diego Workforce Partnership $400,000 Undisclosed Round/Grant San Diego
Mativision $400,000 Seed Funding London
PlateCulture $350,000 Series D Vilnius
Presto Media $250,000 Unclassified Round Philadelphia
Marcum Foundation $243,000 Unclassified Round Melville
Daily Maverick $236,410 Unclassified Round Johannesburg
Vindi $205,000 Series A Sao Paulo
Smart Moderation $200,000 Seed Funding Istanbul
MenoGeniX $200,000 Seed Funding Aurora
Koobee $200,000 Series E Melbourne
FloCareer $150,000 Seed Funding Bengaluru
Infeedo $150,000 Crowd & Private Funding Haryana
Funderful $150,000 Seed Funding Riga
Sorry As A Service $120,000 Unclassified Round Tallinn
Capsule $100,000 Seed Funding Manhattan
NewsDistill $100,000 Angel Financing Hyderabad
Frenzi $60,000 Series A London
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