Guest Post: China: Open for business 营业

Creating a successful venture startup in another country is not just about migrating a good idea born in one’s home country and culture. A solid business strategy needs to be coupled with a deep cultural understanding that will ensure your business will “translate” and increase the odds that you will be able to overcome the challenges that are unique to your target country.

Today, guest author Avi Lambert shares his perspective on China.

Pune India – Potential for a Global IT Hub

Pune India is not a city whose name comes to mind first when one thinks of India as a tourist, or in the context of business. But once you have visited Pune, you discover the opportunity, and potential!

Global Technology Business Hub – Bangalore

Global Technology Business Hub – Bangalore

India’s tech ecosystem is set for explosive growth. It has enormous potential to become a significant supplier of both software and hardware to global companies. With the help of government bodies and other organizations, the country’s tech growth and development has reached the tipping point required to reach critical mass. It is time for the world to recognize Bangalore as one of the world’s leading Tech Hubs.