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TicTalking has been accepted to join the Alacrity Investor Readiness Program (IRP). Founded in 2011 in Victoria, BC, the company focuses on connecting people through “Things In Common” (the TIC in TicTalking).

TicTalking is a social network app that helps users connect with other people based on their interests, regardless of location or language. Solely focusing on interests, the TicTalking feed displays more of the information that the user actually cares about, translating other languages on the fly to remove the communication barrier. Users can join communities and participate in conversations with people from around the world that share their interests.

The TicTalking app generates local and global results based on an Interest Profile to help users connect with more people that have things in common.

As a high-performing tech company, TicTalking will gain access to relevant investment opportunities, as well as mentorship and additional support services, through the Investor Readiness Program. It will be joining our other IRP companies that have been accepted as exceptional ICT, cleantech, or life sciences-focused businesses.

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