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H+ Technology has recently joined the Alacrity Investor Readiness Program (IRP). The company, founded in 2012 in Vancouver, BC, focuses on creating human-adaptive systems in the form of holographic experiences.

The Holus Holographic Experience transforms digital content from any device into a 3D interactive holograph by way of the tabletop holographic display. Complete with gestures, voice, and other forms of interaction, users can immerse themselves in a digital world that represents the information projected. Useful for anyone from game developers to modellers to families to businesses, Holus brings a new dimension to work and play.

Holus is the first product designed by H+ Technology in their mission to “Humanize Technology by bridging the gap between the digital and physical world, and between humans and technology”. The Holus tabletop holographic display offers a way for users to better visualize their ideas, learn through interaction, or gather together around a digital type of campfire. 

Alacrity accepts high-performing ICT, cleantech, and life sciences companies into the IRP, assisting them in gaining access to relevant investment opportunities and providing mentorship and other support services.

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