L-SPARK is Alacrity’s sister organization based in Ottawa, Ontario.  L-SPARK is the only Canadian Incubator and Accelerator that focuses exclusively on Enterprise SaaS and cloud startups. With established relationships with key venture capital firms, angel investors, and the investment community at large, their mission is to create a deal flow of fundable enterprise SaaS startup companies.

L-SPARK portfolio companies have raised a total of $5 million in venture investment in the 18 months that L-SPARK has been in operation. They have created this video about their program, and the 2016 cohort of companies.

Alacrity, L-Spark and Related Organizations

Alacrity, and our related organizations work together globally to support our network of companies.  Each organization has unique programs designed to serve the need of their local startup community.  Where L-SPARK focuses exclusively on Enterprise SaaS and cloud startups, Victoria-based Alacrity has a broader set of programs reflecting the diversified nature of the Western Canadian businesses we collaborate with.

The Newport Wales Based Alacrity Foundation UK seeks to provide the equivalent of an applied post-graduate business program.  Their program is different from all other UK incubator experiences.  There, Alacrity was create as an educational charity, and the program provides participants an allowance while helping them develop their business skills and personal qualities. The Foundation achieves this by working with industry partners in identifying near to market business issues and challenges members of the program to solve them.

Finally, there is the Netas Wesley Clover Tech Fund, an incubator program based in Istanbul Turkey.  Netas Wesley Clover Tech Fund is a strategic partnership of Wesley Clover, Netaş, and TRPE Capital, and is the first fund of TRPE Venture Partners. Befitting the partners’ background, the Netas program is focused on communications, cloud computing, networking, defense technologies, optical and carrier Ethernet, GSM-R, IT integration services, strategic outsourcing and tailored software development solutions.

In the future, there will be more Alacrity brand incubator and accelerator program organizations opened globally. We look forward to sharing their insights with you.

In the meantime, congratulations to the 2016 L-SPARK graduates: Nine companies are exiting the Incubator and four companies graduating from the Accelerator. If you have enterprise SaaS or cloud focused startup and are interested in joining, please visit to learn more.

L-Spark Enterprise SaaS and Cloud Accelerator and Incubator, Ottawa


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