Canadian CleanTech – a Competitive Advantage

The Government of Canada recently assigned $800 million for developing CleanTech innovation clusters and networks.

A worthwhile approach to supporting innovation clusters is to look at where Canada’s traditional technical expertise is concentrated; if there is a green application to that expertise, exploit it. This approach presents a viable route to creating a “Silicon Valley North” cluster focused on CleanTech, and companies that leverage the opportunities effectively should be able to attract expertise from the traditional economy while leveraging infrastructure synergies.

Ronin8 Joins Alacrity Investor Readiness Program

We’re pleased to announce that Ronin8, based in Vancouver, BC, is the latest company to join Alacrity’s Investor Readiness Program (IRP). The IRP will help Ronin8 access support from Alacrity advisors and mentors and will connect the company with Alacrity’s network of investors.

Steroid Era of Startups – A Commentary

Steroid Era of Startups – A Commentary

Business Insider published an interesting article “The Steroid Era of Startups is Over” whose subtext is what happens when the boom turns to bust? It is a worthwhile read. However, the best possible lesson learned seems to have been overlooked: Considering amount of down round pain being felt in the U.S., maybe it’s the Valley VC’s who should learn from the regions which have not suffered the same fate? Entrepreneurs and investors seem to do more with less.