The Quebec City Conference (QCC) is a finance industry invitation-only event that supports private market investment activities. The conference attracts key members from pension plans, endowments, equity and venture capital firms, and other industry experts from the international private market investment ecosystem.

In an attempt to make the event a more intimate and engaging experience, QCC has cut their attendance from 450 to 130 participants this year. Limited Partners (LP) and General Partners (GP) came together to discuss investment market trends, the tech innovation ecosystem, and the private investment community.

Two Alacrity directors attended this year’s QCC conference. The two day event was full of interesting insights, including some great takeaways worth mentioning.

Key Takeaways:

  • You need to be a key investor to influence and impact venture fund economics. Smaller players will have a more difficult time with this.
  • The Limited Partner industry is growing in popularity.
  • The industry needs more reporting and transparency requirements.
  • Limited Partners can get a better deal with General Partners through co-investments.
  • There is a shift to new General Partners from the big brand names.

Panel Discussion takeaways on Secondary Market Evolution:

  • The secondary market is becoming helpful to entrepreneurs and investors by providing liquidity and divorce from the commitment stage limits in many traditional funds (10 years).
  • The industry still has a little bit of a wild west mentality.
  • Is the industry good enough to self-regulate or will oversight be necessary?

Industry leaders, LPs, GPs, and many other attendees make this event relevant, engaging, and progressive for the private investment market. With fruitful high-level exchanges and reflections on the private investment market, we look forward to seeing what next year’s QCC conference has in store.



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